10 Days To $11,000

By Toku

I recently had a client send me the following text message –

I just enrolled a new client at $11k for 4 months! The stuff I’m getting from you is turning this process into one of my favorite conversations. I just started reading the sales Katas last night— they are brilliant. You should get this book out in the world my friend. This is what was missing for me in all the stuff I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot— including Prosperous coach and . . .

And you might be wondering what it is that I taught that created that kind of result.

If I was a brilliant marketer, I’d tell you that I had a secret shortcut, some special magic that other coaches don’t have. I’d pull out a bag of my magic beans and ask you if you wanted some.

The truth is that I don’t have any magic. I don’t know all the answers. But I do know some things.

I know that of all the people reading this email, less than 1% of you will put what I offer into practice. Even though it’s simple and powerful. Even though you claim to want the kind of success I’ve created and helped other coaches create. Even though you say you want it.

You won’t do it because you’re afraid that it won’t work, which of course guarantees it never will.

The client who sent me this text isn’t like that.

They showed up committed, they showed up willing to do the practice, to make mistakes, and to learn from each one. It’s one of the reasons she signed a client EVEN THOUGH this is only the 2nd call she’s done using the principles I teach around enrollment and asking powerful questions.

This is the true power of practice. A power I discovered after learning to ignore the siren call of shortcuts.

If you want this kind of success you must learn to ask the kind of questions few others will.

Don’t ask, “What’s wrong with me?” – Ask, “What did they want that I missed?

Don’t ask, “Where can I go to find clients?” – Ask, “How can I find clients everywhere I go?

Don’t ask, “How can I overcome this objection?” – Ask, “Do you want to move this obstacle out of the way?




PS If you’re committed to creating these kinds of results… if you’re a coach with tremendous promise that you’re not fully realizing… if you’ve got a few clients and are willing to do the work but can’t breakthrough… I’ve got a spot for 1-1 work, but only for the brave and the willing. Drop a comment below or click this link to find out more.

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Great coaches enroll amazing clients.

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