The Coaching Adventure Game… WINNERS!!!

By Toku

For the past 3 weeks, coaches have been playing an EPIC game we created called The Coaching Adventure Game. It had 100 challenges, in a variety of areas all designed to get into action, have fun, and grow your coaching business.

Anyone who played the game is a winner because they’d be growing their business. However, it is a competition with prizes, so here are the official winners of the 2019 Coaching Adventure Game!

Grand Prize 1st Place: 
The Secret Garden – Francesca was in 4th place for most of the game and in the final week gave it all she had and catapulted into 1st place! We’d like to recognize Francesca for her PASSION!

She gets to participate in the Spring 2020 Coaching Dojo ($4,500 value), the November Half-Day Dojo on Asking Powerful Questions ($197 value), a 1:1 Coaching Session with a Sensei ($1,000 value), and many more awesome prizes!

2nd Place:
Laure enrolls with success – Laure started the game with a bang and was the week #1 winner. She completed every challenge and faced some major personal resistance. We’d like to recognize Laure for her COURAGE!

3rd Place:
Be the light – Claire rose to the top as the week #2 winner. Throughout the game Claire brought so much love and light. We’d like to recognize Claire for her JOY!

All three of these incredible women played an amazing game! It really came down to the FAB (fast-action-bonus) challenges.


Recognition Awards:
These players didn’t win the most points, but we still wanted to recognize their participation and the important elements they brought to the game!

Golden Bristle – In week 2, Matt called forth the best in his fellow players. For this, we give Matt the LEADERSHIP award!

Hummingbird’s nectar of life – Every challenge and interaction from Amanda had a little extra magical energy to it. For this, we give Amanda the MAGIC award!

Lumen Being – Marlin brought so much playfulness and personality to the game. For this, we give Marlin the CREATIVITY award!

Em. D. – Emeric didn’t have any social media accounts, but still persevered and played on his blog, in his own way. For this, we give Emeric the MAVERICK award!

Louis has fun prospecting – Louis shared some especially vulnerable and authentic posts during the challenge. For this we give Louis the AUTHENTICITY award!

What I appreciate most is that all players really supported each other throughout.

This game was such a delight to facilitate and witness everyone’s participation and growth. Thank you to everyone who played as well as those who cheered the players on!

We’d love to know… even though the game has ended, what will you continue with and integrate into your daily / weekly practices?

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Great coaches enroll amazing clients.

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