Case Study: This coach found his confidence and signed 9 clients in record time.

By Toku

Chris Rollins is a former HR Senior exec who works with people leaders who don’t invest enough in their own well-being, growth, and development. He’s committed to supporting HR Leaders, especially in the LGBTQ+ communityHe joined the Embodied Coach Mastermind in November of 2020, this is his story – 

The following was pulled from Chris’ feedback form at the end of our engagement as well as my own observations of his growth. 

The Catalyst:

When I met Chris he was coming off of a very successful career as a Senior HR exec in New York City. I could tell he had worked a lot of long hours and that he really cared about people. He had already made the decision to become a coach but he was struggling with his choice to leave his well-paying job to start a new career. 

And it made sense, my impression of Chris was that he always excelled at what he did, but that coaching was a new kind of challenge for him, because it asked him to be even more intimate with the people he worked with. 


Here’s what Chris had to say about why he decided to join the mastermind – 

“When I joined the Mastermind I was about 6 months into deciding I wanted to start a coaching business and only had one paying client. I wanted support and guidance on how to successfully build and grow my business.”

My biggest hesitation that I was “nervous about the cost during a time when I wasn’t bringing in any clients and I was in a scarce money mindset”


I remember on a call with Chris early on how big the commitment was. He’d never invested this kind of money into a program or coach. He had already made a commitment to leave his job and even though he had some runway I could feel how nervous he was to make an investment and risk that he wouldn’t see a return. 

I worked with Chris to get clear on what he was committed to and what he’d need to do during the mastermind to make sure he got his money’s worth. I wasn’t worried he’d create results but it was important to make sure he was fully invested in the process. 


The Experience:

Chris was one of the most dynamic members of the 2020 embodied coach mastermind. He was engaged on the calls and took a TON of action between them. He took on the 50 conversation challenge with verve, set up a community call for LGBTQ+ HR reps, and spent extra time with other members of the MM community. 

I knew right away that Chris was going to make the most of the opportunity and the results were pretty apparent. Even though he was one of the newest coaches in the group, his energy and commitment inspired so many of the other members to take risks and try things. That’s one of the things I love about the ECMM is how much the community of coaches really pushes and inspires one another. 

On his feedback form, Chris said that his favorite part of the mastermind was “the weekly accountability calls, the essence exercise*, and the peer support.” And I could see why, not only did he give a lot to the community, but because he was so engaged the community gave a lot back to him.  

*The essence exercise is one of the central pieces of work we do inside the mastermind and one that many of the members reported had a BIG impact on them as coaches and people. 


The Breakthrough:

Again Chris really impressed me with how fast he grew. When he started the Mastermind he only had one client and was thinking of charging a $100 – $200 a session to work with his clients, but by the end of the mastermind he was charging as much if not more than many of the more seasoned coaches. 

I think this was mainly an impact of his commitment to action and his willingness to trust himself. 


Here’s a little about Chris’ experience in his own words:

“The mastermind gave me more confidence in myself as a coach, and more confidence to get clients. I also have a much deeper awareness of who I am and how I want to be showing up in the world – many thanks to really embodying my essence words”

“While enrolled in ECMM, I enrolled 9 clients for a total of $23,700 and signed my largest client for a 6 month $5,500 contract.”


“The mastermind gave me more confidence in myself as a coach, and more confidence to get clients. I enrolled 9 clients for a total of $23,700, My largest client was a 6 month $5,500 contract”

Chris Rollins, People Leader Coach, (Tampa, Florida) 



The Embodied Coach Mastermind is designed to support coaches who are committed to changing. It’s amazing to see how the support of an incredible community with the guidance of an experienced coach can really impact people. While I’d love to take all the credit for the results in the mastermind, it was having people like Chris and others in the community that really makes the experience possible. 

Chris has continued to grow his practice after the mastermind and is even in conversation with a BIG company in the career transition case to launch a company wide coach program for their members. Chris already had the tools and raw talent to become a successful coach, but the other coaches in the mastermind and our work to draw that talent out really let him hit the ground running when he launched his practice. 


Here’s what Chris had to say about doing the mastermind in his own words – 

The most important thing people should know about the Embodied Coach Mastermind? 

“It will change the place you come from when thinking about your business. Life will become easier”

“I would recommend it to any coach who is just getting started up or to coaches who’ve had some success but want to create more consistency.”

“You’re awesome! Thanks for making me a part of the beautiful work you are doing in the world.”


No coach should have to go it alone. With guidance and a community of coaches around you, your success might be much closer than you think. 

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