Case Study: Kelby Kupersmid – How to build a coaching practice from the back of an RV.

By Toku

Kelby increased his confidence, signed his biggest client, and developed life long friendships all while living in an RV and working as a digital nomad.

Kelby Kupersmid is an executive coach focusing on social impact founders. In addition to being one of the youngest coaches to ever take the coachingMBA, Kelby did the program while traveling around the US in an RV with his partner. 

In addition to growing his practice inside the coachingMBA since graduating Kelby has been able to continue growing his business while being a digital nomad and in the past year spent time in Spain, Mexico, and various countries in South America. 

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What was happening in your life and business before you joined the coachingMBA?

Before the coachingMBA I had been coaching part time for a number of years and just a few months before I left my W2 job and decided to make a go of coaching full time. 

At the time I wanted to become more professional and become more of a business person when it came to my coaching practice and to treat coaching more like a career. 

What specific results did you achieve in the coachingMBA?

Well I signed my biggest client a $6500 for six months, but more than anything I think the biggest thing I got out of the coachingMBA was confidence. A lot of the time when I hear people say “oh I became more confident, I kind of to discount that. But that was a really important part of the process for me. 

It definitely helped me increase my rates during the program and I’ve continued to increase my rates since then. 

What hesitations did you have about joining the coachingMBA?

I wanted to make sure it was the right program for me at the time. I know for me at the time it was a significant amount of money. And I wanted to make sure that if I was spending my money it was going to the best use and the place I knew I wanted to focus on. 

What did you like best about the coachingMBA?

I really loved the community. I love being with other coaches who were at a similar stage of life and business. We were able to talk openly about our challenges and realize that other people didn’t have it all figured out, and then figuring it out together. 

So that was really important for me to build a really strong network or community, or friendships really of other coaches many of whom I’m still in regular contact with. 

How else have you benefited from the coachingMBA?

I think another benefit was having Toku as a role model. I was able to borrow things or ask the question how can I embody Toku more in this moment. I found that really helpful.

I also got a specific set of language and tools that I keep using inside my coaching practice. 

What’s the most important thing people should know about the coachingMBA?

I think it’s awesome for people who are like me when I joined. You know people who are wanting to become more professional in their coaching business and really making a living out of it. 

I thought it was a really great experience. I’m really happy that I did it. I’ve got strong relationships and friendships with really amazing coaches, both in different parts of the world, and in doing different things. And that’s something I hope to take with me for life? 

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