Case Study: Kevin Benson – From a Dying Practice to a Thriving One

By Toku

Kevin went from having a 1 - 2 clients for the past few years to 6 clients and $9k of revenue inside the coachingMBA

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What was happening in your life and business when we started our work together and what did you want?

Before the mastermind started, my coaching business had sputtered and was nearly dead. I was barely hanging on, only had one “paying” client, and I resented my coaching business. 

What I wanted was ease and freedom in my coaching business. To create clients and projects that I loved working with, and to generate an income that was exciting and made me believe that I could take coaching on as a full time thing!  

What specific results did you achieve in the coachingMBA?

As of this writing, I have enrolled 6 paid clients! A few of these clients 6x more than I started with, and have generated income of $9,000, not including at least 3 more prospects who are “in the pipeline”. 

I also generated 14 “prospect” calls in one month from the 50 conversation challenge. All in all, generating this interest and income while working a full time job was incredible! This was the most momentum and movement in my business in years!  

What hesitations did you have about joining the coachingMBA?

I had never spent this amount of money on my OWN personal development. So, it felt significant to make this kind of investment in my own training and business. Also, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to get out of the mastermind! I knew that Toku was a powerful coach, but did not know how coaching would translate to a group setting. I was scared to spend money with no “guarantee” of results! 

What did you like best about the coachingMBA?

The mastermind was FUN. It was authentic, honest, and incredibly helpful. I loved being with another group of coaches who were also dealing with and struggling with some of the same things that I am. It was empowering to share experiences with coaches who are asking the same questions that I am! Plus, there was something about having shared experiences and a shared vocabulary that made a real difference. 

How else have you benefited from the coachingMBA?

I “see” myself now as a coach. It’s who I am, and who I am called to be. Before the mastermind, I think I was “dabbling” with this idea that I could be a coach. Now, I know exactly what it takes to go all-in and make coaching my work and my calling, and I know the exact steps to take to get there, too! 

Plus I was amazed that a group of total strangers got to be so close even over Zoom and phone calls. Other people in the group helped me see what my strengths were, they reflected back to me excellent coaching questions, and they modeled for me how I wanted to grow my business. It was like seeing coaching careers and businesses through the eyes of 5 or 6 other people. It was great. 

I love that the community grew and created new ways of connecting organically. We hang out because we genuinely are interested in one another’s development as coaches and are committed to it. Tell me another place where that is true! (There probably are some, but this was really cool.)


What’s the most important thing people should know about the coachingMBA?

If you are a coach who is still trying to “figure it out”, then this is the right group for you. This is a mastermind where you will get empowered and affirmed and celebrated for who you are and what you have to offer! It’s a mastermind where you get to learn how other people build the business step by step, what has worked for them and what hasn’t. 

This isn’t a “done for you” mastermind. You do the work. It’s your business and practice. But, there is support and tools and resources for nearly any type and kind of coach. 

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