Case Study: Ross Boyd – From embarrassment to a £38k deal

By Toku

Ross Boyd Case Study

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What was happening in your life and business when we started our work together and what did you want?

In my business, I was all over the place – stretched because I was saying yes to everything and justifying it to myself by saying ‘if I’m creating content I can use again at some unspecified point in the future – then it’s ok to work until 2300 every night getting the content right’. In this context, I guess I wanted a bit of clarity about what to drop, in order to get more.

Personally, I wanted confidence. I remember being at a party and telling someone I was a coach only to burst out laughing. I didn’t really believe in myself as a coach. But that’s different now after the coachingMBA.

What specific results did you achieve in the coachingMBA?

I honed sharp sales skills, and I feel no shame or embarrassment in sales calls. Often in some conversations when we’d get to the issue of money I’d put the question of fees back to the client and ask them ‘what do you want to pay’. This mindset is gone.

I enrolled two clients that were new to my ‘funnel’ during the mastermind, at £5000 each.

I started charging pro bono clients £100 a month.

I pulled a ten-day leadership programme sale out of the bag worth £38k (the sales chops I honed on the MM got it over the line).

I renegotiated a relationship with a long-standing client to be able to focus solely on 1:1 coaching rather than all the nebulous stuff they were pulling me into.

My diary is full with connection calls.

In all, some pretty stellar results.

What hesitations did you have about joining the coachingMBA?

On an emotional level: I didn’t know if the whole ‘Toku McCree – former buddhist monk’ thing was just a massive schtick – a part of me was like who the fuck is this guy…quirky website, loud shirts, nothing I’d been conditioned to believe about the world of coaching? The other part of me was driven by the other stuff…recommendations from friends that had been through the dojo, podcasts etc. So knowing there was a bit of social proof helped me overcome the initial reservations.

On a practical level, I was worried about making a massive commitment financially, when I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting. I had some reservations about being on a course with 7 other people – but when everyone’s issues are the same, I think actually the size of the class doesn’t matter so much. I had been burned enrolling on a course 12 months prior which I ended up withdrawing from and asking for my money back when I realised it wasn’t optimised for coaches…and had no actual coaching.

What did you like best about the coachingMBA?

Essence work – that’s a great module. The people – the group dynamic was largely great. The sales process (and I know you keep saying there is no Toku process…but there is 😁)

How else have you benefited from the coachingMBA?

I came into Christmas with an overwhelming sense of inner peace and I think part of that is definitely as a result of the simplicity and clarity the coachingMBA helped me get in my life.

What’s the most important thing people should know about the coachingMBA?

The coachingMBA was a really positive experience overall. My business is not the same as a result of it and I am on a 12 month arc that I know is going to continue delivering growth and satisfaction.

Thank you, brother.

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