Case Study: This coach set a goal to have a $25k quarter and made it happen.

By Toku

Jonny Roman specializes in helping his clients navigate through the dark waters of life and remove the fears and blocks that stand in their way. He joined the Embodied Coach Mastermind in November of 2020. Here’s his story:

The following was pulled from Jonny’s feedback form at the end of our engagement as well as my own observations of his growth. 


The Catalyst:

When I joined the Mastermind I had just completed one coaching program and was wanting another opportunity for support.  My business was doing pretty good overall, though it certainly had its challenges.  That pandemic didn’t negatively impact my business that much. But I think the biggest challenge was in my own trust in myself and my work as a coach. That’s the biggest piece I think I wanted to shift. I was still experiencing a fair amount of stress as I pursued my business and when I saw clients on my calendar.

My biggest hesitation was that I didn’t know much about Toku at all.  We had essentially had one conversation (maybe two? I can’t remember).  And I remember thinking, this is kind of a leap of faith I’m taking here.  I hadn’t had any prior experience with you other than a few of your materials I had read. So that felt like a big hesitation on my part.  But I had a sense that it was going to be a good fit for me.


The Experience:

I loved the container.  I loved the small, intimate group. I enjoyed having a weekly Friday check-in. I enjoyed watching Toku coach and learning from him and his coaching style. I appreciated a lot of the peel-back-the-curtain approach Toku had with showing us the inner workings of his business.  I appreciated the “new” (new to me) approach to business.  I appreciated the heart-centered masculine examples that were present throughout, with Toku, Lee, Chris, and Kelby.

I would definitely recommend the mastermind to other people. I think there’s a lot to learn from you, Toku. I think you have a really great style of coaching. I enjoyed learning from it.  I would recommend it to a coach who is interested in up-leveling and learning more nuances about having a thriving coaching business.


The Breakthrough:

Because of the Mastermind, I know more about my metrics than I did before and tracked them more.  For example, I created a 4th quarter goal of $25,000 and actually hit that goal, which felt pretty amazing!  

The business was the result of how I showed up, how I held myself, how I thought about myself, my coaching, and trusted myself more. And I can tie that to work we did in the Mastermind like learning about my Essence, learning new ways of coaching and being coached.  All of which was very helpful. 


“I created a 4th quarter goal of $25,000 and actually hit that goal, which felt pretty amazing!”

Jonny Roman, Sustainable Transformation Coach, (Duluth, Minnesota) 


The most important thing people should know about the Embodied Coach Mastermind? 

It’s worth it. I really do feel like I came out on the other end of this growth in a number of ways.  My financial advisor/coach feels like she can see a direct result between me starting the mastermind and my relationship with money and my ability to make money shifting.

I really enjoyed my experience.  I would even consider doing it again.


Toku’s Reflection:

When I met Jonny he was clearly a talented coach. He had a master’s degree, had been coaching for a few years, and had an ability to listen and be with his clients in a powerful way, but Jonny didn’t see himself like that. 

I noticed how he would get caught in overthinking vs getting into action. He didn’t really realize how powerful he was, how far he had already come, and how ready he was to step into the next phase of his evolution as coach.

It was amazing to watch Jonny step into his true power as a coach throughout the mastermind. He raised his rates, signed new clients, but more than anything else he developed a deeper sense of confidence. 

Perhaps the coolest thing to see was how Jonny stepped into fatherhood in the midst of the Mastermind. Even though he missed a couple of calls he stayed engaged and it was incredible to see his shift of perspective after becoming a dad. One thing I love about the Mastermind is that it’s not some program where life is out there and the work is in here. We really get to be in each others lives as we change, that part is so rewarding for me and I think for other members of the community as well. 


You can learn more about Jonny at


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