Choosing To Be A Coach

By Toku

You have to CHOOSE to be a coach.

Around this time of year, I begin to see posts by all my coaching friends about new year’s resolutions, strategic planning, and about creating the best possible year. I see new coaches starting social media challenges and seasoned coaches making bold declarations about acts of recommitment.

And yet for most coaches, this year will be much like the last:

– Sporadic attempts at enrollment
– Signing up for a new online course with high hopes then only watching half the videos
– Hiring a coach you think is excellent only to feel let down when you don’t get the results you want

There’s not a single reason why this happens to so many coaches, but there is one choice that I’ve seen make a big difference: The decision to be a coach.

But I already CHOSE to be a coach TOKU!?!
I get it, you took a certification, you hired a coach, you’ve watched my videos.
And yet if I sat you down and really pressed you about whether or not you feel like you’re a coach, you’d probably say NO.

– You don’t feel very confident.
– You think you need a few more clients.
– You think you should be charging more.
– You know better coaches.
– You want to take clients deep, but they seem to resist.
– You don’t really know if you can make it.

Many coaches live with an ocean of seething doubt rolling and churning just beneath the surface, but we don’t want to admit it. We want to project success, We want to look like we’ve made it. It’s 100% normal, but most people keep it a secret.

The problem is that if you keep it a secret you never really face it, you never really choose.

You SAY that you’re a coach, but you don’t choose to be one.
You post on social media, but you don’t choose to be one.

You wait for someone else to say you are, for the ‘right’ number of clients, the ‘right’ rates, or the ‘right’ level of exposure, and yet it never comes. Because being a coach isn’t a coronation, it’s a choice.

It’s a choice you have to make every day, every month and every year.

“A master coach doesn’t wait for results to choose a path, rather a master coach chooses a path and then creates the results they desire.”

So if you don’t want this year to be like the last, if you’re going to actually create some possibility. I invite you to choose to be a coach. Not because of the number of clients you have or the amount you charge or who your coach is, but because you say so.


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