Coaching is Magic

By Toku

Magicians recite spells and incantations to change the shape of objects
To turn lead into gold. And summon incredible forces into being.

Coaching is no different.
You sit down with your client, and through the simple art of conversation and a willingness to stand for what’s possible their lives change.

Companies are built, relationships saved, old wounds are healed, and incredible things are created.

In 2017 I was inspired to help create incredible coaches.

Having experienced the transformative power of coaching myself and seeing its impact on my clients, how could I not help coaches devoted to doing this sacred work?

Which is why I built the coaching dojo with a former business partner. We poured our soul into that container that stripped away the artifact and facade of coaching.

We pulled back the edges until we discovered the core principles of coaching.

Deep curiosity
Boundless presence
Functional models of change
and a willingness to stand for someone who may not be willing or able to stand for themselves.

We created a space where people could come and practice those principles and we began to see new coaches come to life and season veterans discover their joy and brilliance all over again.

But last year my mission shifted. I realized that even though I had helped many coaches master the art of being powerful in sessions many of them still struggled to be powerful in their businesses.

They struggled to create practices they loved, charge what they were worth, and develop the skills they needed to go from skillful amateurs to professional masters.

Over the last year I ran two beta groups to see if I could use the same principles I relied on in the dojo to help coaches master business in the same way I had helped them master coaching.

Having seen the results, next week I’ll be sharing this next iteration in my commitment to help create the kind of masterful coaches the world really needs . . .

(sneak peak)

Your courage and willingness to create is powerful. Don’t give up.
The world needs incredible coaches, which means the world needs you.

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Great coaches enroll amazing clients.

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