The coachingMBA

By Toku

If you want to grow you have to evolve.

And for the past year I’ve been working to evolve my purpose in the realm of creating more incredible coaches.

But as much as I love working 1-1 with leaders there’s only one me. And the world needs an ARMY of incredible coaches to help it grow and evolve. So for the past 5 years I’ve been working to create more of those coaches.

For a long time that meant the Coaching Dojo, where we used an incredible and unique approach to create mastery through practice and challenge. But over the last year or two my purpose has shifted. As much as I LOVE helping coaches gain mastery I saw too many of them struggle when it came to building a business.

So for the last year I’ve been testing a new offering.

The CoachingMBA

This wasn’t just a simple test. I ran two FULL groups through a rigorous 6 month process to help them turn pro as coaches and create the kind of solid business foundation I WISH someone had helped me create in my first few years as a coach.

And the results have been incredible

  • 3 members of the Coaching MBA created $20k+ in new business during the mastermind.
  • 2 members went on to have $100k years after graduation
  • Several members quit full time jobs to pursue coaching full time
  • One member even had a baby, took time off, and returned to a handful of clients waiting to work with her

Best of all . . . almost every graduate of the mastermind said it was the connections they made and what they learned about themselves that were the most valuable things they got from the program.

All of this is to say the results of the CoachingMBA shows that this new way of helping coaches develop and grow not just as coaches but as smart and savvy business owners WORKS!!!

Which has given me the confirmation I needed to go ALL IN on this new direction.

And that’s why I’m excited to announce today the launch of my new website

This new site is simpler to navigate, more focused on my current mission for coaches, and designed to help people find the most valuable things I’ve written, recorded, and created for coaches who want to become masterful at coaching clients and creating the kind of business a master coach deserves.

I hope that you’ll take some time to go check out the new site and let me know what you think.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be adding more content and honing this site even more.

Eventually the old Coaching Dojo website will be put on hiatus and this will become the only place to work with me in developing your coaching mastery and become the kind of coach the world needs.

While my main offering is going to be on business mastery, I’ll still continue to write about how to become a better coach and leader, so even if business isn’t your focus right now I hope you stick around and stay engaged in the conversation.

Thank you so much for your support over the years and I’m excited to share in this new direction.

And finally thank you for being a coach. Being a coach is such an incredible honor. Here’s to making sure we keep treating it like the honor it truly is.

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Great coaches enroll amazing clients.

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