Dangerous Coaches Wanted

By Toku

Coaching that is 10x better doesn’t happen because you’re paying ten times the attention, or because you’re charging ten times as much, or because you’ve coached ten times the number of clients.

A mediocre coach can’t become masterful simply by taking one quality of mastery and doing it ten times as often. But we often think like this:

    • A coach will notice how much silence there is in a Rich Litvin YouTube video and vow to be silent for half a session.
    • A coach will be enthralled by Tony Robbins’s hardcore pushing of his audience members and begin to yell at their clients for NOT DOING THEIR WORK.
    • A coach will be amazed by the simplicity of the Ten Step Executive Development system in a book and begin running all of their clients through it, like pushing meat through a transformation grinder.

And at first something happens, because it’s different, and the effect is different. But eventually your clients adjust to the change. They fill silence with nonsense, they comply to your yelling even though it disempowers them or they fire you very politely, or they go through your process and get something out of it. But nothing really changes for them.

The reason there are so few truly exponential coaches isn’t because of a lack of talent or spiritual depth, it’s that the coaching industry echo chamber and our own subtle arrogance convince us we can become masterful by doubling down on our coaching “religion” or preferred technique or system.

Creating a 10x Drop is possible, but it requires a commitment to mastery first, which also means you have to let go of the certainty, easy platitudes, and simplistic coaching catch-alls that you may have convinced yourself is the safer path to walk as a coach.


Dangerous Coaches Wanted:

For hazardous journey, certainty abandoned,

the rules of coaching dismantled, long hours of soul searching,

seemingly unanswerable questions, constant danger to your being,

survival of your current self doubtful

depth, transformation, and possibility in case of success.

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