Don’t Kill The Baby Chick Of Possibility And Save Your Life Coach Career

By Toku

The other day in our Facebook group I did a Live where I did a bit of coaching about the Drop with the coaches that showed up and asked questions. And in that process I created a little analogy that I think can help you have better coaching session as soon as you get it.

As you leave the Open and enter the Drop, imagine your client hands you a baby phoenix. This fluffy little phoenix chick represents their possibility. Your #1 job as a coach is to keep the chick alive. Easy enough, right?

Well, the thing I haven’t told you is that as soon as you enter the Drop, your client will try to get you to do things that will kill the chick. Mostly they won’t realize what they’re doing, they’ll simply being doing what they always do, since how we show up to coaching is how we show up to everything.

They might say, “HEY, let’s play overwhelm football! CATCH!!” #dead-phoenix

They might say, “HEY, let’s play it’s not my responsibility. Tag! YOU’RE IT!!” #dead-phoenix

They might say, “HEY, let’s play my problem is entirely practical and has nothing to do with my being boxing! DING DING!” #dead-phoenix

No matter what you do, no matter what they say, your life coaching job is to keep the phoenix chick alive.

And of course sometimes, maybe a lot at first, you’ll kill the chick. You’ll do it and not realize until later… and after the session you’ll find a limp little phoenix feather on the bottom of your shoe.

Luckily phoenixes come back to life (just like possibility), so you get another shot.

But in some ways 100% of the art of the Drop is keeping the phoenix chick alive and carefully, skillfully, having the client be present to it as well.

This is why practice, getting supported by a life coach, and being in a community of transformation is so important. Because baby phoenixes can be easy to kill.

If you want to get better at the Drop:

  1. Write down the top ways clients get you to kill their baby possibility
  2. Write down what you need to remember, or be present to, so you don’t forget the precious thing you hold in your hands as a life coach.


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