What is the essence?

The fundamental theory of the essence process is that we are all born with an essence. It’s a way of being that arises from us naturally and the develops and we become people. Unlike doing or skill traits which tend to shift with out interest or education our essence tends to stay with us. Though it can be amplified or hidden depending on how we relate to it. 

Very often everyone else can see our essence but us. Our essence is like a yellow light that sits over our head. Every room we go into is the same shade of yellow so we never notice that yellowness. Sort of like when you where tinted sunglasses. It’s only when you take them off that you notice that your sight has been impacted. 

But for everyone else when we walk in a room, the room becomes YELLOW!!! very noticeably. This is why our essence is often apparent to others even when it’s not apparent to us. 

What is a survival mechanism? 

On the other side of our essence is what’s called our survival mechanisms

Basically as we grow up in a family and society we learn that certain ways of being confront other people and make our lives challenging so in order to ‘survive’ we adapt ourselves so we can ‘belong’ to our family or culture of origin. Not all of these adaptations are bad. But they all come from a way of adapting ourselves to stay safe and fit in. 

But overtime we tend to begin to identify ourselves with these traits MORE than our essence. So instead of seeing ourselves as having the essence of BRILLIANCE we become know it alls, or smarty pantses. Very often we are so convincing in these identities that we convince others to see us as that too. Very often our family becomes the BIGGEST place where our survival mechanisms are reinforced, but not always. 

What is the Essence Process? 

The essence process is a process by which we uncover and rediscover what our essence is through a series of conversations which we’ll talk about on our next call. For now, just see if you can notice or guess what someone’s essence is when they walk in a room. See if you can notice what this is vs their survival mechanisms or coping skills. Many people have a natural knack for this, but if you don’t that’s ok too. You’ll learn more about essence and how it works when you get to explore it personally. 

We’re going to take on these concepts in two parts: 

First, we’re going to look at how humans works as a concept by listening and reflecting. 

Then we’re going to look at it by having you discover your essence for yourself. 

Please open the above diagram and worksheet and print or recreate your own copy of these before listening to the audio below

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