How One Powerful Question Could Make Your Coaching Conversations Worth $1200/Hour

By Toku

Craig’s Story

Just last month, I stumbled across an opportunity for coaches with a financial background, so I reached out to a Dojo graduate and I was delighted by what he told me.


“Ever since the dojo [I’ve done] $1200/hr clients.”

In case you’re not in-the-know, $1200 an hour is more than a respectable rate for coaches, but that’s not what blew me away.

What blew me away was remembering how far he had come.



When Craig was in the dojo, I remember how we worked on him again and again with one simple question, “Can you feel your heart right now?”

We would use this one simple question to interrupt his dojo sessions. We would ask him about his heart at the end of every conversation. We would even encourage his sparring partner to ask him.

It’s really hard to understand how powerful this one question can be.

For Craig this one question made a HUGE difference in his coaching conversations; it touched almost EVERY aspect of his coaching.

When Craig was in his heart . . .

His questions were gentle and curious.
He connected with his clients.
People felt safe around him.
People opened up and told him so much more information.
His sessions went smoother.
He felt more present and powerful.
He created drops that mattered.
He closed sessions with ease.

For Craig, this ONE question was a game-changer. In fact, he’s mentioned it to me even years afte

r the dojo and shares about the impact it’s had on him.

That’s the power of one question when combined with deep and powerful practice.

But you see, that’s what most people miss.

They think a question is the lego brick they can put anywhere.

Questions don’t have to be complex but they have to be crafted.

Inside the dojo, we helped Craig discover a simple question that cracked him and his coaching WIDE open.

It’s something we do over and over again.
It’s something worth doing the work to find for yourself and even more so, for your clients.

Don’t stop until you find a great question to open up your coaching conversations.

If you want help finding it within community, that’s what the dojo is all about. Learn More.

If you want to dive deep into one question for yourself, reach out to me. In some ways, that’s what my 1-1 coaching is all about.


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