ODSC Framework #31 – The Close – The Simmer

By Toku

Are you being selfish as a coach? Are you trying to “make everything okay” for your client? Wrap up each session with a bow, with some tidy resolution, a clear set of action items?

Trying to make everything okay for your client is incredibly selfish as a coach, and may lead to your client expecting you to fix everything, expecting you to do all the work, and even putting you on a pedestal.

The power of your insights and the client’s insights will last longer when you change this dynamic. Unprocessed stuff comes up in a session, and when we close that down for the client by always offering that wrap-up, we stunt their possibility, stunt their ability to be with the difficult stuff that comes up with transformation.

In this episode, Toku talks about “The Simmer” – an advanced technique that’s much like putting a cook-pot on the back burner to bubble, low and slow. The Simmer in coaching is letting the client simmer in the challenge, the breakdown, the possibility they are experiencing.


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