The 3 Stages of Energetic Leadership: Become A Great Leader

By Toku

If you can learn to master and move on to the following stage you can lead more people and live a life of deep purpose. Stopping at any stage will slow your growth and limit your impact on the world. 

The first stage is not knowing what you’re doing. 

You feel awkward and unsure. Everywhere you step is like quicksand and your mind is wrapped in doubt and confusion. Many people get lost in fear. They believe the whispers of doubt like they were the truth.  The whispers aren’t true at all. But the only way to find that out is to keep going. 

The second stage is false certainty. 

You know what to do. You are a great leader. You are decisive, clear, powerful, determined, and aligned. Sometimes you dip back into the first stage but again and again, you return to this solid foundation of knowing what to do. People respect you for your confidence and power. You achieve and excel until you begin to notice that there’s something missing, something that still feels unsolid. 

The third stage is not knowing what you’re doing. 

You realize you’ve been making everything up all along. You don’t really know what the future holds. You make vows and plans but they are art and practice. Nothing is certain. What’s next comes to you in small insights and hints about which direction to go. You listen to your intuition and begin to distinguish when you’re coming from fear vs. love. You stop needing to know all the answers. Your achievements don’t matter, but you still keep working to create incredible work in the world. Purpose and joy become your guides. You relax more and more. 

You must experience each stage in its time. If you’re unsure, stay with it. Be unsure. Practice, improve, learn to find and create certainty. Discover how to trust yourself. 

When you’re certain, be certain and decisive, make plans and execute on them. This stage has incredible power and rewards don’t skip it. Immerse yourself in it fully. 

Then when it comes time to let go again, let go. Realize that you never knew in the first place. It was all an illusion even if it was a pleasant one.

Keep going. That’s what matters. Even when you’re stuck. Especially when you’re scared. Just keep going. There is more leadership out there for you. The world is begging for you to grow. Just. Keep. Going. 

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