The Endless Trap of Preparation for Coaches

By Toku

So many coaches, both novice and seasoned, are heavily invested in preparing themselves for the position of running the coaching business of their dreams. Pouring thousands of dollars into educational books, high-level training, marketing courses, and working with other coaches, all to help hone in on their craft.

We all know how time and money invested into the betterment of yourself offers the biggest return on investment of all. But how many of you are using this facade of “preparation” as means of avoiding actually getting started or doing the work?

Still not seeing it? Well you’re not alone. Let me explain…

I’ve been involved in the coaching industry for quite some time now, and year after year, I watch coaches struggle:

They either try the coaching thing for a little while and then get burnt out for a little while longer…


They just push through, year after year, never actually “making it”, but never quite failing either.

Unbeknownst to themselves, this is often perpetuated by what I like to call, The Endless Trap of Preparation.

A trap that befalls all sorts of people from all walks of life, but it’s especially tragic for coaches.

Why is that, you might ask?

Well, precisely because coaches are the people who should know how to get out of this trap! Or at the very least, recognize the trap for exactly what it is.

We coaches are the ones who have spent all of this time, money, and energy training to be able to help people create momentum, and become accountable for their own goals. To get people up and out of the “idea” phase, and moving through the motions of actually creating and implementing the necessary steps to bring their goals to fruition.

Yet somehow, even the “best” coaches in the world, with mountains of training and experience, still miss that which is right under their noses… they fail to recognize their own personal shortcomings and fears in the face of their career.

This “trap” of getting stuck in the preparation-phase is not only experienced by coaches. Anyone can fall subject to this fear-based obstacle which rids the potential for any momentum to manifest.

Momentum, being the catalyst here to the success of any endeavor, big or small.

There is one truth I have come to know as being the secret to success. It is a truth so simple, that many times it goes unnoticed, even by the most seasoned coaches and entrepreneurs.

This truth is captured by one of my favorite quotes:

The universe moves for the deed, not the doer.

-Dusan Djukich

The message behind this quote is so simple, it’s alarming. In some ways, nothing else matters but what you do. You can come up with a million and a half ideas for what you want to be doing or creating, but until you actually DO it, these ideas will only ever be just that, an idea.

Now don’t get me wrong, preparation is important– and your mindset does have a huge impact on the outcome of any endeavor. The mentality you bring to the plate as you take action does deeply affect the final product… but all of this is no match to the overwhelming effectiveness of action. Even bad action is necessary in the grand scheme of momentum and all things success.

This is why the endless trap of preparation is so insidious, because one will let the fear of “messing up” or “doing it wrong” stop them from ever actually DOING. You can prepare and prepare and prepare a thousand times over, but that doesn’t change this one simple truth of the matter:

When you are preparing, you are not doing.
When you are training, you are not doing.
When you are trying, you are not doing.

Only doing is doing.

Doing is what matters.

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