Making Connections: Thinking About Who to Sell To

One of the complaints I hear most often from coaches is that they don’t know where to find clients.  They know they need to be out there looking for people to serve. They understand that just having a website or posting on social media isn’t going to create clients quickly, especially if you’re just getting […]

Why You SHOULD! Coach Without Permission

One of the blocks people run into around enrolling new clients is that they don’t want to coach without permission, but they aren’t sure when or how to go about getting permission to move from a casual conversation to a coaching conversation. Where is the line? When can you cross it? And how can you […]

The Basics of Building Rapport

Many conversations around the coaching profession have to do with how to connect with potential clients. We spend a lot of time, energy, and money thinking about and considering lots of different approaches, strategies, techniques, and scenarios focused on finding clients, and while finding clients is essential, a lot of coaches are super weak in […]

How to Explain Coaching to a Skeptic

Every once in a while, you’ll meet people who don’t get coaching. They don’t understand it because they have no experience with it, have had a bad experience with it, or don’t know what it means to be coached. So when you approach them with the invitation to try out coaching, they may seem hesitant or skeptical about the whole thing.

But what do you do when this happens?

How to Get Inspired About Enrolling New Clients

As coaches, we’re masters of creating a powerful context. 

We take deep breaths at the beginning of our sessions to get our clients grounded. Then, we ask powerful questions like, “What would make this conversation extraordinary?” We invite our clients to dream bigger and go after what they want. We even talk about our work as being deeply transformational.

And yet, our context is not very inspiring when it comes to enrolling clients.

Why you’re asking clients too many surface-level questions

There’s a simple mistake I’ve seen a lot of coaches make when they first talk to a prospective client. They get on the phone with a prospect to talk about working together, and they ask a lot of surface-level questions about various topics. It’s like they’re looking for a hook or a piece of information they can build off of and move deeper with, and if they don’t find it within a couple of minutes, they quickly move on to another topic. 

Stop Trying To Have The World’s Best Coaching Session

Something I’ve noticed a lot recently is that coaches have a tendency to want to go deep, hit a home run, and have the best coaching session of their life, every time, with every client, no matter what. But this doesn’t work. In fact, it does a lot more harm than good. When you try […]

Why Coaches Hate Sales

If you’re a coach, you’ve probably felt some initial aversion to the idea of “sales”, or of “selling” yourself and your services to others. It goes against your very nature as a coach, as someone who wants to help, inspire, motivate, and uplift others.  I know this because I’ve felt it, too.  Now, there’s a […]

Coaching is All About Context

From the outside looking in, coaching is simple. A client shows up. You ask them what they want. They tell you. You ask some more questions, to help uncover what it is they want more deeply, clearly, and fully. You ask them what their current limitations are, what’s in the way of what they want […]

The ONE ACTION Question

Every week in the coachingMBA, we ask a simple question. But it’s a question that, if asked regularly, will help you make more progress, get more clients, and hone your instincts as a coaching professional more than almost anything else can.  I call this the ONE ACTION question.  Here it is: What is the ONE […]