There is No Difference Between Serving and Selling

The biggest mistake I’ve seen coaches make as they transition between serving and selling is imagining there’s anything different between these two stages. And to be honest, this mistake is so prevalent that I believe almost all other money-related problems that arise for coaches at various stages of their practice are directly related to this […]

Why Your Best Self Should Make Decisions for Your Worst Self

Throughout our lives, we all experience situations that challenge us. When this happens, it’s natural for us to come face to face with fear, anxiety, and doubt.  But despite it being our natural tendency, more significant problems arise when we make decisions from a place of fear because fear brings out our worst selves.  Much […]

The Simple But Hard Question That Leads to Clients

Like most coaches, you probably wish you had more clients. And if you want more clients, you’re likely doing things to achieve that, like trying to build an instagram following or going to events related to your coaching niche and hoping that you might meet someone.  But even if you are trying these things and […]

The Three Standards of the Post-Call Container

How many times have you had a great call with someone, received excellent feedback in the moment, and made a proposal for future coaching, only to never hear from them again? Finding great potential connections that disappear immediately after the first call ends is a common problem. And it happens because coaches tend not to […]

Beyond the Mechanics of Coaching

The path towards becoming a master coach

Many of us in the coaching industry are focusing on the wrong things. We have ideas for the future, like how we’re going to grow, what our unique offering will be, or how we are going to set ourselves apart from the rest and become a master coach. But there’s a problem with this approach. […]

Coaching as a Spiritual Calling

There are a couple of different reasons people tend to enter coaching as a profession. For example, some people pursue the lifestyle of coaching, which is typically represented by a lot of freedom, meaningful work, money, and time spent working from a beach in southeast Asia. Now, people who pursue the lifestyle of coaching can […]

Stop helping your clients solve their problems

There’s a commonly held belief in the coaching industry that the client sets the agenda when it comes to coaching, that coaching starts with a request for something they want to create or a problem they want to solve. And while this is true to some degree, if we understand the way the human mind […]

Guaranteeing Next Steps: The Two Doorways Out of a Sales Conversation

two doors

Something I wish I could instill in every coach is to always get prospects on the phone. It’s the best way to guarantee positive next steps. Unfortunately, most coaches don’t do this. It drives me crazy because, even if you suck at sales or you’re bad on the phone, even the worst salesperson is more effective […]

The Coaching Canvas

The Coaching Canvas – v6 (cMBA Edition) by Toku McCree For More Info on the Coaching Canvas Check Out The Coaching Canvas Series