Guaranteeing Next Steps: The Two Doorways Out of a Sales Conversation

two doors

Something I wish I could instill in every coach is to always get prospects on the phone. It’s the best way to guarantee positive next steps. Unfortunately, most coaches don’t do this. It drives me crazy because, even if you suck at sales or you’re bad on the phone, even the worst salesperson is more effective […]

The Coaching Canvas

The Coaching Canvas – v6 (cMBA Edition) by Toku McCree For More Info on the Coaching Canvas Check Out The Coaching Canvas Series

Selling people what they want

Coaches often aim to offer products or services that represent their deepest gift. After all, coaching isn’t just an external widget designed to catch a mouse or mix soup; our coaching comes from within us. It’s a part of us.  Our coaching is a tree that grows from the seeds of our lives. It is […]

Good Coaches vs. Great Coaches

People often ask me the difference between a good and a great coach. Of course, this question has a lot of nuances, but it’s something I’ve thought a lot about over the years. So, I decided to compile all my thoughts in one place and share them with you.  Let’s dive in!  Problems A good […]

The Evolution of Originality in Coaching

Great coaches are original, non-interchangeable, and irreplaceable––these are all essential traits of the world’s best coaches. If you’re unoriginal, the market will always figure out how to deliver the same product, service, or outcome as you with less money. But if you’re original, you’re uncopyable—you stand out amongst the crowd.  The key to your originality […]

How to Never Resign Yourself to Your Circumstances

When you find yourself in a challenging situation, succumbing to resignation is easy. We’ve all been there. So if you do this, it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person; it’s actually a normal human survival technique that allows you to deal with the harsh realities of being alive, realities that you sometimes can’t change. However, […]

Are Your Strengths Destroying You?

Nobody is perfect; we all have ways in which we want and need to grow, or to improve our strengths. However, these desires aren’t always at the forefront of our brains. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the areas where growth is most needed until something drastic forces us to look at them. We often realize […]

Making Connections: Thinking About Who to Sell To

One of the complaints I hear most often from coaches is that they don’t know where to find clients.  They know they need to be out there looking for people to serve. They understand that just having a website or posting on social media isn’t going to create clients quickly, especially if you’re just getting […]

Why You SHOULD! Coach Without Permission

One of the blocks people run into around enrolling new clients is that they don’t want to coach without permission, but they aren’t sure when or how to go about getting permission to move from a casual conversation to a coaching conversation. Where is the line? When can you cross it? And how can you […]