Selling people what they want

Coaches often aim to offer products or services that represent their deepest gift. After all, coaching isn’t just an external widget designed to catch a mouse or mix soup; our coaching comes from within us. It’s a part of us.  Our coaching is a tree that grows from the seeds of our lives. It is […]

Why You SHOULD! Coach Without Permission

One of the blocks people run into around enrolling new clients is that they don’t want to coach without permission, but they aren’t sure when or how to go about getting permission to move from a casual conversation to a coaching conversation. Where is the line? When can you cross it? And how can you […]

What To Do if Your Coaching Client Wants To Quit: 4 Easy Steps

It’s morning. You wake up, pour your coffee, and sit down at your desk. Waiting for you in your inbox is an email from one of your clients telling you that they think your work together has come to an end.  You feel a sense of shock and surprise. Maybe some part of you knew […]

Where I Find My Coaching Clients and Where You Can Find Yours Too

I’ve talked to literally hundreds of coaches like you who want to build a thriving coaching practice and the number one problem that shows up, again and again, is finding clients. So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, wow I wish I had more clients but I don’t know where to start, keep reading. My […]