Best Coaching Year Ever Replays

Diagnosing The Dilemma
Thu April 11th 2024

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LEE Povey

First Clients
“I got my first 5 clients while in the coachingMBA.”

Megan Fraser Coaching MBA graduate

Megan Fraser

Higher Fees

“I raised my rates from 350£ a month to 1000£ a month and signed 3 new clients!”

Chris Rollins Coaching MBA Graduate

Chris Rollins

A Growing Practice
“While in the coachingMBA, I enrolled 9 clients for a total of $23,700. Largest client was a 6 month $5,500 contract.”

Jonny Roman Coaching MBA Graduate

Jonny Roman

A $25k Quarter
“I created a 4th quarter goal of $25,000 and actually hit that goal, which felt pretty amazing!”

Case Studies

Jonny Roman Case Study Coaching MBA Graduate

Jonny Roman - Update

Jonny created $25k inside the coachingMBA and went on to have his first ever $100k year!

Ross Boyd

Ross went from feeling embarrassed on sales calls, to doubling his rates and closing a £38k deal.

Kelby Kupersmid - Coaching MBA Graduate

Kelby Kupersmid

Kelby signed his biggest client, developed lasting confidence, and built life long friendships all while living in the back of an RV. 

Kevin Benson Coaching MBA Graduate

Kevin Benson

Kevin transformed his dying coaching practice of 1-2 clients a year to 6 clients and $9k in revenue inside the coachingMBA.

Jonny Roman

Jonny learned to trust himself. He declared he was going to have a $25,000 quarter and made it a reality. 

Claire Higgins - Coaching MBA Graduate

Claire Higgins

Jonny learned to trust himself. He declared he was going to have a $25,000 quarter and made it a reality. 

Chris Rollins

Chris enrolled 9 clients and created $23,000 in his first 9 months as a full time coach.

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