How to Road Trip and Grow a Coaching Business

Kelby increased his confidence, signed his biggest client, and developed life long friendships all while living in an RV and working as a digital nomad.

I hear coaches talk a lot about how the things in their lives keep them from having the kind of business they want and how if they could just get things more organized they would be able to finally make progress on building their practice.  But from the very first time I met Kelby, I […]

How To Bring Your Coaching Practice Back From the Dead

Kevin went from having a 1 - 2 clients for the past few years to 6 clients and $9k of revenue inside the coachingMBA

“I got more clients in the 6 months of the coachingMBA than I had, had in the previous 2-3 years.” Before joining the ​​coachingMBA, Kevin was like a lot of coaches I’ve known. He LOVED coaching, he had done hundreds if not thousands of hours of training. He had worked on his business in fits […]

From Sales Shame to a £38K Client

Ross Boyd Case Study

When Ross Boyd joined the coachingMBA he told me a story about being at a party when someone asked him what he did for a living. When he told them he was a coach he immediately burst out laughing. Even though he loved coaching he struggled to feel like a real professional coach. And it impacted everything […]